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Anatomy practices - skeletal view (9/25)~

Pelvis practice~

Anatomy practices - skeletal view (7/25)

I tried drawing the figures on my sketch pad and then sticking a layer of  tracing paper to draw the skeletons over the figures (so that’s why it looks a bit weird lol)

Anatomy practices - skeletal view (4/25)

I really like skeletons  ~(‾⌣‾~) lol

More of my assignments from Dynamic Sketching 1 

(can’t wait for the second class to start  ε  )

Some of my work from Dynamic Sketching with Peter Han  (even though it was expensive, the class was really great (●´∀`))

I’ll upload some more later on!



2nd WIP

WIP (for my painting class)

Acrylic on canvas 

Some practice using pen and markers (referenced)
more practices~

A practice drawing I did of a picture I found on tumblr

I did the first one and then I copied it with a printer and darkened the hair with markers (I wanted to do try a new style but was afraid to but I think I like the second one more :3)

Anonymous said: oh my god your art is so lovely! The amount of detail you put in is amazing! <3

`(๑ △ ๑)`* This made me soo happy

and I’m glad someone noticed lol ♥ \(。・//ε//・。\)

more practices..

the inferior aspect always looks like a monkey’s head to me lol 

Anonymous said: you're are such a great artist I'm so jealous c:

 Thank you so much! this definitely made my day ;u; ♥